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The Dog House Inn Pub & Restaurant launches new website.

Designed and developed by Andy P Design, our new custom website has forward-thinking design, menus that can be changed daily with ease, and notable details in the site’s design itself.

The responsive design of the website is a modern feature meaning the site responds to the screen sizes used by customers to view the site. Weather it be a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer the user gets the best view. We love this feature, because no matter what device a customer is using, it will be formatted correctly.

Menu Management.

As we like to update our menus seasonally adding in special dishes to reflect the local produce of the season. Our integrated menus mean we can offer separate listings for Evening Dinning, Sunday Roasts, Lunch & Children’s listings. Being able to edit these with ease is a great advantage and very important to us.

New Features.

As you can see there are lots of new features around the website that we really love!

Social media.

We all know how important ‘social media’ is and has become huge part of our every day lives. This allows visitors to share their experience with us to all of their friends and works as a great bit of promotion.

Call to action features.

You can find short inviting messages around the site that entourage visitors to view different menus, interesting facts, events, location help and much more. Being able to highlight these different features can really help drive extra business.

Photo gallery.

Its great to see the all the photos of the new restaurant following all our hard work refurbishing the pub. We feel customers like to be able to see and feel the atmosphere of the they may encounter while enjoying there visit.

If you want to know any more about improving your own website contact our fantastic friend Andy who can work his magic for you at andypdesign.co.uk or call 07725 996014